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Improve your Freestyle Swimming Technique

Perhaps you're returning to swimming as an adult or you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve your efficiency and speed. Our friendly approach to coaching will make you swim more comfortably and faster for less effort. We can help you feel more confident getting your face in the water and stop getting so frustrated and out of breath. You'll learn what proper technique looks like feels like so you swim more smoothly over the longer distance. We'll help you adapt your stroke to better suit the open water and triathlon environment and enhance your fitness in a friendly supportive environment. We offer one to one coaching, small group courses, group sessions and video analysis. If you're not sure what you need, please give us a call so we can help you decide what would be most beneficial for you. 

Group Coaching

Learn to swim freestyle from scratch or improve your existing stroke in our popular 6 week courses. Small groups of 6 people so you get lots of attention. Focus on exhalation, bilateral breathing, proper catch mechanics, body rotation and efficient leg kick technique for triathlon and open water swimming. All abilities and experience welcome. Adults only. Consistently sell out book early!

Pool sessions in front crawl/freestyle Technique, Threshold Fitness and Endurance are your recipe for success in your races. Suitable for all abilities of swimmer and triathlete from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Ages 14+ club level welcome. 

Private Coaching

We identify and correct your stroke faults so you can learn what you need to improve and how. World class stroke correction with Annie or Ali in your own 25m lane. Once we've mastered technique we'll coach you fitness and pacing to improve your performance and you can join our squads. Coaching in all four strokes available for age 11+.

Individual, pairs or group video analysis to take home. See what good freestyle technique looks like. Correct the main things holding you back using modern methodologies and cutting edge technology. Private low chlorine 25m pool session to perfect your freestyle technique, efficiency and speed for good. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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