Learn to Swim Freestyle Course £149

Can't put your face in the water or complete one length without needing to stop for air?


You may have tried and failed to learn to swim freestyle (front crawl) before. Maybe you can't stand putting your face in the water or could do with a confidence boost. Perhaps you can swim one length of freestyle but get frustrated that you can't get your breathing right. We can help you learn good freestyle technique in a friendly environment, in our small supportive group sessions. It costs £149 for the 6 week course. Spaces are strictly limited to 6-8 participants so you get lots of attention. 

Is this course suitable for me?

This course is for you if you're struggling to complete a length or have never learned to do freestyle/front crawl properly before. Learn new skills such as how to breathe properly, bilateral breathing, hand entry, catch mechanics, arm recovery and proper leg kick technique.

Nervous Non-Swimmer or fancy a 1:1 lesson first?

If you're completely new to swimming or feeling a bit nervous we recommend having a private lesson with one of our experienced Swim Coaches before attending this course. Please Contact Us to book directly.



If you've learned in the past and need a refresher on new techniques we also have an Improvers' Freestyle course running at the same time which is more technical and faster paced. Neither courses demand laps and laps of swimming so don't worry you don't need to already be super fit!

These courses routinely fill up well in advance so please book early to avoid having to wait another 6 weeks for another space!

"I wanted to say thank you for providing a superb course. I've really enjoyed the six weeks and have made such an improvement - far beyond what I thought I could manage. I started off being nervous of putting my face in the water as I could not breathe properly swimming and had to stop before I completed a length. My children were worried that I would finish last at a short triathlon at Easter as my swimming was so bad! PJ has been really helpful and provided some great tips for improving and I could feel an improvement each week. I am now really enjoying swimming so much that I've joined the local gym so I can swim more often. My sons have also commented on how good I've got!!

Can't put your face in the water?

Learn how to relax in the water and stop water going up your nose, making swimming feel much more comfortable.

Course Dates

Monday 20th January 8.00-9.00pm 2 SPACES

Monday 2nd March 8.00-9.00pm 5 SPACES

Monday 13th April 8.00-9.00pm 8 SPACES

"Having not had any swimming lessons since primary school and limited to swimming no more than a couple of lengths before being completely out of breath my aspirations to enter a triathlon seemed an impossible goal. My running and cycle fitness were pretty good, I regularly went to the gym and enjoyed rock climbing and hiking, but I couldn’t understand why I was so exhausted after swimming such a short distance. When I saw that Tri Swim Coaching were running a 6 week beginners course in Abingdon I signed up and I can’t believe the difference it has made. Ali took everything right back to the basics from getting the body position correct in the water to the importance of breathing out as I swim. At the end of the first lesson I had completed 25m freestyle without using a nose clip for the first time." 

Running out of air?

Holding your breath stores CO2 and makes you feel like you need to stop after a short distance. Learn to exhale smoothly to start swimming aerobically, making swimming longer distances easier.

Can't catch or feel the water?

Pulling through wide, straight or in an S shape are all ineffective ways of catching the water. Learn how to feel the water, tip your wrist, bend your elbow and push the water backwards in line with your shoulder to engage the large strong muscles in your upper back and ease the strain on your shoulders.  We'll build a propulsive freestyle stroke, which is more efficient and less tiring. 

Kicking with bent knees causes more drag than propulsion. We'll help you kick from the hips to get those legs up so you can swim with much less effort.


Did you know even the great sprinter Ian Thorpe only generated 11% propulsion from his powerful leg kick? As beginner swimmers, triathletes and longer distance freestylers we're looking to improve your arm propulsion. We teach a minimal leg kick to help you get your legs up without burning alot of energy. This is economical for distance swimming and helps save your legs for the bike and run.

Interested to find out more or enquire about Private Swimming Lessons instead?

Start learning to swim freestyle once and for all! We can help anyone learn to swim and have helped hundreds of swimmers feel more confident in the water and go on to achieve what they never dreamt possible! Please give us a little bit of background about your swimming/triathlon experience and location so we can direct you to the right coach to help you improve. 

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