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Running Analysis & Technique Clinic £80

The interactive workshop is designed to be fun and informative, giving you the opportunity to analyse your current running form and learn new techniques and thought processes that will change the way you think about running and movement.

The workshop covers:

  • Proper running posture

  • How to moderate your breathing to match your pace

  • Making more of your arm swing cadence

  • Foot contact time, biomechanical efficiency and optimising your run cadence

  • Balance and symmetry of movement

  • What makes an elite running style and how to replicate it 

  • Training methods and how to improve fitness

  • Optimal pacing for various run distances

The high quality group classroom session includes individual technique development and intervention based on your running style. You'll find out the things currently holding you back within your running form. 


We take our time over learning how to do running drills properly to enhance the speed you make changes to your technique both on the day and following on from the course.

You'll come away from the Running Clinic with a fully enhanced understanding of how to run properly, with some new tools to take away to continue improving your technique and training to boost your performance this season.

Image by Jenny Hill

We also now have a follow up clinic for people who've been on a full clinic before so we can re-film you, see how you've progressed since the clinic and give you some personalised next steps with your running training.

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