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Taking on an endurance challenge - why wouldn't you?

It is becoming well known that there are clear positive effects from undertaking an endurance challenge, as long as it is done right.

It is often said that to achieve success in any physically demanding challenge, mental aptitude and robustness will be what will get you through rather than pure physical fitness alone.

So what does this actually mean, and how does this transfer into other areas of our lives?

When training for an endurance challenge, it is important to understand the softer side of you and your goals. Working out your reasons why, what you want to get out of the training and event are all equally as important to the physical preparation itself, and ultimately will help shape your training plan. Many people who undertake an endurance challenge will say they learned a lot about themselves, both physically and beyond.

People talk about building resilience; being honest and open with yourself; gaining improved skills in decision making under pressure; self actualisation when we realise we have so much more potential than we ever gave ourselves credit for.

That last paragraph - are those learnings strictly reserved for endurance challenges? Absolutely not! There is so much to be gained from finding out more about ourselves through endurance challenges that we can apply into other aspects of our lives. Careers, parenting, open mindedness and understanding what it really means to thrive.

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