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Open water swimming - 5 Essential bits of kit

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

1. Wetsuit

The right kit is pretty important. A proper fitting swimming wetsuit is a sound purchase. It will be extremely difficult to swim any distance in your classic surf wetsuit! Swimming/triathlon wetsuits are specially designed to help you move through the water quickly, as well as keep you warm. There are now wetsuits specially designed for Breaststroke too, so something for everyone!

We sell all Zone 3 equipment - we have been using their kit for over a decade now and it really is top quality stash! Get it touch with Ali and Annie on the button below for expert help and advice on the right suit for you.

2. Towfloat

It's really important you stay safe and visible when open water swim training. You will need a tow float which you strap around your waist to pull along behind you. Some of these come with storage for a phone, food and drink - so you can swim for longer and not have to exit the water unless you really need to! Essentially should you need it, you can hold on to your tow float until help arrives.

3. Bright coloured swim hat

Imperative for safety (and warmth!). All open water swim venues will require you to wear a bright hat so safety teams can spot you in all conditions. It's worth wearing a bright hat if you're in un lifeguarded water, so other water users can spot you easily (don't forget your tow float.

4. Goggles

We recommend polarised or photochromatic goggles to reduce the glare of the water surface and protect your eyesight. Goggles are quite a personal choice, ultimately depends on what fits your face! Once you fond a pair that fits well, stock up! Be careful not to touch the inside of the lenses, this is the quickest way to steaming up and scratching your lenses long term.

5. Neoprene extras

For anyone new to open water swimming, or suffers in colder water, it's definitely worth investing in some extra neoprene. We all see many people swimming non wetsuit, but it is a step by step process! Extras such as booties, gloves, warm swim hat.

Now you've got the essentials lined up, why don't you come and get some coaching on one of our popular, fantastic courses at Queenford Lake Open Water Swim Centre. We have courses for all, whether beginner, intermediate or superfish! Can't find the right course for you? Drop me a line on 07760449884 or and we can get you booked in for some awesome 121 coaching.

As ever please do get in touch with us for any advice on equipment, training or anything swimming/triathlon related!!

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