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How to prepare in the last two weeks before your triathlon

Updated: May 19, 2022

Have you got a sense of nerves, angst and trepidation about what's upcoming....?

You've done the hard work, the early morning swims, the leg emptying turbo sessions, hill reps and the sickly but oh so awesome brick sessions. You're probably feeling fitter than ever before, but there's a sense of nerves, angst and trepidation about whats upcoming.... YOUR TRIATHLON!

Don't worry, it's pretty normal to be nervous about your big upcoming event, whether it's your first triathlon, or you've been doing them for years, a bit of nerves is only a good thing as it helps you perform! Here's how a bit of prior planning can help your race experience run that little bit better.

  • Equipment - 2 weeks out of your event, you should be happy that all your race equipment is in your possession, fits, is fit for purpose and safe. Don't leave any purchases until last minute!

  • Sleep and rest - try to prioritise sleep and rest a little ore than normal in the week leading into an event. The important night is 2 nights out from a race.

  • A couple days before the race, write a list of what you plan on taking - check the pre race info from the organisers about what you may or may not be able to take into transition, if in doubt, contact them directly. On the morning of the event, tick everything off the list as you pack up and set off for your event.

  • Have a plan for your fuel and hydration, not only for the race itself, but in the week leading up to your event too.

  • Transitions - the fourth discipline (another transition specific blog to follow soon!) make sure you have all your kit and routine for a smooth and efficient transition, as little faff as possible!

  • Travelling - make sure your travel plans are all set, leaving ample time to get to the event in good time to not have to rush. Remember to get that bike rack on the car in the week before the race, not on the day!

  • Keep smiling - triathlon is a hugely rewarding sport. By this stage you will have done the hard work, the racing is the reward for all the hard work you've put in!

If you're looking for any further specific triathlon or multi sport help, please contact me direct on or on 07760449884. Or you can book directly onto our next Beginner Triathlon Skills Day this coming Sunday 22nd May.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog edition, focussing on all things transition!

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