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Private Lessons & Group Classes

Perhaps you're returning to swimming as an adult or you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve your technique and ability to sustain continuous freestyle. Maybe your speed has plateaued and you want to take your training to the next level. Our friendly approach to coaching will make you swim more comfortably and faster for less effort. We use modern scientific coaching techniques often using video for demonstrations and instant visual feedback on how your stroke is improving. 


Coaching is for anyone who is invested in enhancing their sporting skill or fitness, everyone has got to start somewhere! We're passionate about giving great expert sessions and delivering them specifically to your ability level. 

Swimming Stroke Correction Coaching Session

  • Learn to swim from scratch

  • Learn different strokes

  • Breathing & Exhalation to swim more relaxed, less frustrated and for longer distances

  • Breathing to both sides - very important for triathlon & open water swimming!

  • Arm recovery styles & hand entry

  • Stroke mechanics & improving propulsion for less effort

  • Enhancing stroke rate to suit distance freestyle

  • Body position, kick technique & optimising kick effort for open water swimming

  • Open water swimming techniques: sighting, swimming straight, acclimatising, confidence and speed

£50/£100 30/60 mins with our Head Coach 

£39/70 30/60 mins 1:1 with our Senior Coach 

(Price includes health club entry fees and private lane hire)

Amanda Swimming Improver.jpg

Swimming Video Analysis & Stroke Correction £129

Seeing yourself swimming from a range of different angles and then having your stroke praised and constructively critiqued by us is a liberating experience.


We’ll identify the great elements of your stroke already there and the stroke faults which you need to work on, whether its holding your breath, arm crossovers, sinky legs, inefficient catch mechanics, overkicking or overgliding.  We use a high quality HD underwater camera to film you from a range of different angles above and below the water, leaving no stone unturned!  


Video analysis is a superb way to identify key areas to improve your stroke efficiency and help you to see how you need to improve. You'll take home a recorded analysis to watch again and help it all sink in!

£129 1:1 Video Analysis (60 minutes)

£200 1:1 with Extended Stroke Correction (2 hours)

£125pp Group Video Analysis & Stroke Correction (2+ hours)

(Price includes health club entry fees and private lane hire)

Adult Swimming Classes

Level 1: Learn to Swim

If you’re just starting out on your swimming journey or a little nervous of the water, then we can help you to: 

  • Get relaxed in the water

  • Put your face in

  • Learn to float 

  • Overcome any fears you might have 

  • Not stroke specific

  • £15 a session

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Improver Course 2.jpg

Level 2: Beginner Front Crawl

For you if you’ve overcome your fears but still want to improve on your confidence and learn new skills. We'll help you to:

  • Start swimming head down horizontally 

  • Learn how to breathe and stay relaxed

  • Learn front crawl/freestyle stroke technique 

  • Improve your swimming confidence and ability

  • £15 a session

Level 3: Improver Front Crawl

Are you struggling to swim multiple lengths of freestyle without racing to the end to stop for air? Have you been on our Level 2 Beginner Freestyle Course and want to progress your technique and endurance? Then this course is for you! It will help you:

  • Improve your freestyle stroke 

  • Learn what good swimming technique looks and feels like

  • Master breathing to both sides

  • Start swimming more continuously 

  • Enable you to complete a triathlon or open water swim in freestyle

  • £15 a session

Smiley squad ladies.jpg

Level 4: Distance Swimming

If you’ve graduated our Improver Course and want a little bit more technique tune up to compliment your own swimming then this will help you to:

  • Correct any bad habits or stroke faults

  • Start building swim endurance, efficiency and speed 

  • Work towards swimming longer distances for leisure, open water swimming or triathlons

  • £15 a session

What People Say

"I wanted to say thank you for providing a superb course. I've really enjoyed the six weeks and have made such an improvement - far beyond what I thought I could manage. I started off being nervous of putting my face in the water as I could not breathe properly swimming and had to stop before I completed a length. My children were worried that I would finish last at a short triathlon at Easter as my swimming was so bad! PJ has been really helpful and provided some great tips for improving and I could feel an improvement each week. I am now really enjoying swimming so much that I've joined the local gym so I can swim more often. My sons have also commented on how good I've got!!

"Having not had any swimming lessons since primary school and limited to swimming no more than a couple of lengths before being completely out of breath my aspirations to enter a triathlon seemed an impossible goal. My running and cycle fitness were pretty good, I regularly went to the gym and enjoyed rock climbing and hiking, but I couldn’t understand why I was so exhausted after swimming such a short distance. When I saw that Tri Swim Coaching were running a 6 week beginners course in Abingdon I signed up and I can’t believe the difference it has made. Ali took everything right back to the basics from getting the body position correct in the water to the importance of breathing out as I swim. At the end of the first lesson I had completed 25m freestyle without using a nose clip for the first time." 

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