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Kirstine Knox, 48


I decided to lose weight and get fitter. As I made progress, I was inspired and motivated by a woman, also in her 40s, who regularly and successfully competed in triathlons. I decided that I wanted to do something for myself and complete a triathlon. I knew finding the time to train would be challenging because my husband is severely disabled, my children are at home and I work full time. But, by 49, I had mastered the rudiments of cycling and running. Despite struggling with swimming, I completed my first triathlon. It certainly wasn't pretty and it certainly wasn't fast, but I was elated. 


I am celebrating my approaching 50th by getting serious about my new found sport. My aim is to compete rather than just complete. To realise this goal, I knew I needed help with my swimming and that is when I was introduced to Annie. The thought of being filmed whilst swimming was horribly intimidating. But Annie was so welcoming and so encouraging that I actually enjoyed the experience as well as learning huge amounts. Since that first session, I have been working with Annie on a 1:1 basis for a matter of weeks. Our sessions are challenging, supportive and fun. Just as importantly, Annie is happy to arrange sessions at times that fit with the demands of my personal and professional lives.  


Annie has taught me how to swim, how to build my swim technique and stamina, and she has inspired my confidence in my own swim capability. By working with Annie, I have made rapid and significant progress. I have completed my first triathlon of the year with a hugely improved personal best in the pool. I am now looking to competing in my first open water triathlon. It is incredibly exciting to be approaching 50 and to find that I am capable of developing in the ways that Annie is helping me to do.                

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