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Fiona Wright, 45


Last year I gave up work to sail around the Mediterranean in a 50 foot sailing boat.   I've always been keen on fitness and I used to go to the gym regularly and run Pilates classes in my village, but this is not possible on a yacht.  So I decided to learn how to front crawl so I could swim wherever we anchored.

I had two video 1:1 sessions with Annie. Before I contacted Annie I couldn't crawl for 25 m without being severely out of breath. After just one hour's tuition with Annie I had learnt where I was going wrong, and by the end of my second lesson I had put these learnings into practice, and my technique has improved so significantly that I could crawl for many lengths with ease.  I plan to use Annie's training techniques to continue improving my swimming in the Med, be it in a calm bay or in rougher open water.


Annie was extremely enthusiastic and encouraging, even though I was fairly nervous. She very much put me at ease by adapting her coaching style.

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