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Dave Broadribb, 52


I got into triathlon and open water swimming as an extension to running after deciding to loose the weight I'd put on in recent years and attempt to get fit again. I'd running reasonably well at school and also swam but that was a very long time ago. 


If you're looking to improve your stroke then one to one sessions and video analysis are hard to beat and Annie excels at both. Her manner is both friendly and confidence inspiring, she also gets straight to the point and highlights areas to work on very quickly. I went to Annie with numerous issues including the stereo typical breathing problems and sinking legs. She quickly identified the root causes of the problems I was having and showed me how to address them happily going over the drills required until I understood before moving on to the next area to work on. My swimming improved a lot in this time, other instructors were beginning to comment on how much my stroke had improved and more importantly I felt much more confident to swim with people I'd previously considered too fast and too strong to go with. At the end of the season I completed the iconic Dart 10km swim, something I had stated as one of my challenges when I first met Annie and she asked me what my 'A' race was that year. Firstly as a coach and now as a friend I could not rate her highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

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