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Wetsuit Swimming Technique £60 for 3 Sessions

Perhaps you're returning to swimming as an adult or you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve. This is a specialist 3 week course to help you your front crawl/freestyle technique wearing a wetsuit in the pool before trying the open water. Learn a straighter arm recovery, better stroke rate/arm turnover and reduce your reliance on your leg kick for propulsion. You'll dramatically improve your swim speed and ability to sustain continuous freestyle in the open water and won't look back! 

Swinging arm recovery

You don't need to persue high elbows for wetsuit swimming! A higher, straighter swinging arm recovery is much better suited to the environment and reduces the strain on your shoulders. 

Breathe to both sides

Breathing to both sides dramatically improves your stroke symmetry, enabling you to swim straighter, key to reducing the over all distance swum in your races. Straighter line = faster time!

Stroke Rate / Turnover

Sustaining a faster turnover not only reduces your oxygen consumption but improves your momentum, reducing the over all effort required to sustain speed. Put simply, swim faster to swim faster like the pros!

Kick Technique

Reduce energy wasted trying to make your kick propulsive and learn to use your glutes to lift your legs up and toes together to maintain a streamlined body position.

2019 Course Dates

Wednesdays 17th, 24th April & 1st May 3 SPACES


Not sure what you're looking for? 

Contact us to talk about your training and we can guide you to the right session for your needs.

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