1:1 Running Coaching

Whether just stating out or chasing a new PB, we assess how you can improve with skills, drills and training recommendations.


Running Skills Courses

Small group courses both mixed and women only to help you learn or improve your running technique and speed.

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Training Plans

If you're looking for motivation, to train a bit smarter and improve your race results you might suit a medium to long term training plan.


These are completely bespoke to your unique current fitness level, race distances and time constraints.

Group Swimming Courses

Small group sessions to help you learn or improve your freestyle/front crawl technique for swimmers and triathletes.


Video Analysis Clinic

Have your running technique analysed and dramatically improve your speed in just one session, learning drills specific to the elements you need to work on.


A popular and informative theory and practical group clinic.


Swimming Video Analysis

The single most useful session to progress your swimming technique, speed and efficiency, whatever your start level.


See your stroke in HD underwater and have your stroke faults identified and corrected for much more efficient, powerful stroke.

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Group Swimming Classes

Friendly group sessions for beginner and intermediate triathletes and pure swimmers to improve your technique, speed and endurance.

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Group Triathlon Courses

Wondering how to complete your first triathlon or nervous about venturing into the open water for the first time?


 We offer Beginner Tri Skills Days, Open Water Confidence Courses and a specific Pre-Blenheim Preparation course to help!

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