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Welcome to the home of expert swimming, open water and triathlon coaching for all abilities in Oxfordshire! 

Want to learn to swim? Feel like your technique is holding you back? Want to complete your first triathlon or get into open water swimming? Then we can help!

Swimming Technique

Weekly Group Swimming Classes

Small group sessions to help you learn or improve your freestyle/front crawl technique for new and improving swimmers and triathletes.

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Swimming Video Analysis

The single most useful session to progress your swimming technique, speed and efficiency, whatever your start level.


See your stroke in HD underwater and have your stroke faults identified and corrected for much more efficient, powerful stroke.

1:1 Coaching

If you prefer your training to be personalised to your individual technique and fitness needs then we're here to help!

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Children's Swimming Lessons

Did you know we also run Tri Swim School? We offer baby and child small group swimming lessons. We have brilliant, fun highly experienced teachers! Classes & 1:1s are available in Abingdon. 

Walking Life Coaching 

Ali fuses his specialist knowledge of the outdoors, sport coaching, bushcraft, mental health and wellbeing to create powerful life changes when you need it most.  Rethink your values, rethink the status quo.  No screens, no notes, no chairs, walk and talk to your future.

Field Hike

Open Water Swimming

Training Plans

Feeling demotivated? Need to schedule your training smarter to fit around your other commitments? Want to improve your race results? Then you might suit us helping you plan your training.

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Beginner Open Water Confidence Courses

Tempted to take the plunge but need to gain some confidence and skill first? These small group sessions help you get used to the new environment, advise you on equipment and help improve your swim fitness.

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Cold Water / Wild Swimming

Want to try cold water swimming for the first time in a safe environment? Not sure what equipment you need? 

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Open Water Swimming

Improver Course

Been on one of our beginner courses or just need a refresher to help you get re-acquainted with the water? This will help you hit the season tuned up and ready to go!

Triathlon Training

Beginner Triathlon Skills Days

Wondering how to complete your first triathlon or nervous about venturing into the open water for the first time? We'll teach you all you need to know.

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Beginner Triathlon Course

Entered your first triathlon? Want to breathe better, swim straight, transition well, cycle quick and survive the run!? We'll help you with technique, training and equipment advice.

Triathlon Swimming (Open Water) 

Entered your first triathlon? Need to know how to swim in the open water in a wetsuit? Worried you'll panic or bump into someone? We can help!

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