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Triathlon Swimming Open Water Course £79

Blenheim swim start.jpg

Improve Your Confidence, Technique & Skills

Entered your first triathlon? Worried about how to swim in this new environment? Come and learn some new open water swimming skills specifically for triathletes.


Perhaps you want to modify your existing stroke, experience the washing machine effect of the mass start, or want to learn how to swim straight. This course will prepare you for any event you've got coming up and will enhance your confidence and give you a great head start for the open water season. 

At both the Bicester Hotel Performance Centre & Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre

These courses routinely sell out so please book early!


Gift spaces are also available, please sign up as the recipient in your email address and email us to send you a gift voucher.

The Course Includes:

  • Swimming in the Open Water for the first time

  • Sighting techniques to Swim Straight

  • Swimming close to others

  • Stroke Technique Adaptations for the Open Water 

  • Mass Starts

  • Managing Anxieties & Phobias

  • Exhalation & Breathing Bilaterally

  • Transition 1 Practice

  • Pacing to swim continuously

  • General Blenheim / Sprint Tri race tips

  • You must be able to swim 50m freestyle/front crawl continuously to attend this course, if you can't please come on a pool based course first

"The Triathlon Swimming Course was invaluable. I had no idea how to swim in a straight line, and every time I tried on my own previously I ended up in the bank! Annie helped me control my breathing and get into a good rhythm so I could put my good pool training to good use in the lake. It was useful building my confidence swimming close to other people, it really helped calm my nerves. The race tips came in really handy too. I will definitely do it again next year!"

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