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We Can Help You Improve Your Swimming!

Whether you're learning to swim from scratch, want to learn to swim front crawl, or you'd like to improve your stroke technique or triathlon swim times, you're in the right place! 


We've helped thousands of people just like you! Coaching is for anyone who is invested in enhancing their sporting skill or fitness, everyone has got to start somewhere! We're passionate about giving great expert sessions in small groups and delivering them specifically to your entry level, offering individual feedback along the way.

Where Do You Start?

We have lots to offer you! Most people come along to one of our well known swimming courses listed below first to learn or improve, then join one of our great open water swimming or triathlon courses in the summer. If you just swim and have no ambitions of the open water or triathlon then thats ok too, we know alot about swimming!!

Level 1: Swim Confidence

If you’re just starting out on your swimming journey or a little nervous of the water, then we can help you to: 

  • Get relaxed in the water

  • Put your face in

  • Learn to float 

  • Overcome any fears you might have 

  • Save your own life

  • Be confident in the water with your children

Classes cost £16.50 per 30 minute lesson.  As it can be harder to learn as an adult, you can attend for as long as you need, graduating to our Level 2 Beginner Freestyle Course when you feel ready.

Classes run weekly during term time only on Sunday afternoons at Kingfisher School Abingdon.

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Level 2: Beginner Freestyle

Are you struggling to complete a length without feeling exhausted or have never learned to do freestyle/front crawl lessons before? Perhaps you can’t quite get the coordination right with your breathing. Or maybe you want to get into open water dipping or pool swimming for fitness but would like to learn to swim front crawl properly. If any of these apply, this course is perfect for you!

It costs £159 for the 5 week small group course. 

We'll help you to:

  • Start swimming front crawl head down horizontally 

  • Learn how to breathe and stay relaxed

  • Learn proper arm and leg technique 

  • Improve your swimming confidence, fitness and ability

The next course starts on Sunday 9th June 3-4pm at Abingdon School 1 space left

Level 3: Improver Freestyle

If you’re struggling to swim multiple lengths without stopping for air, or perhaps you’ve been on our Beginner Course and want to progress your technique and endurance, this course will help you:

  • Improve your freestyle stroke 

  • Learn what good swimming technique looks and feels like

  • Master breathing to both sides

  • Start swimming more continuously 

  • Enable you to complete a triathlon or open water swim in freestyle confidently and competently.

The next course starts on Sunday 9th June 2024 4-5pm at Abingdon School 2 spaces left

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