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Our 9 top tips for succeeding in winter training.

We all know how hard the winter months can be to find motivation to get up and active. Here are our 9 top tips to help you keep the focus and hit the ground running in January:

1. Routine

Getting into a regular training routine really helps create the habits of training. Even so far as trying to schedule your swim bike and run sessions (and type of sessions) on the same days each week helps training become second nature. Don't be afraid to prioritise training to help reach your goals. Remember, CONSISTENCY is the key.

2. Plan each session

It gets harder and harder to stay motivated if your sessions don't have a goal or a purpose. Plan each session so that it has an outcome, a focus, rather than just a 60 minute swim or a bike ride. If you have a plan to follow you are much more likely to see the session through!

3. Focus on your swimming

If you don't have the option of indoor riding or running, winter training can often feel quite limited. However, look on the flipside, winter can be the perfect time to work on your swimming! Planning a swim focus block with maintenance bike and run sessions will increase swim performance whilst increasing cardio vascular performance across the board.

4. Session preparation

Being organised and prepared is a great habit for winter training. reduce the excuses of why you didn't train. By laying out/packing your training kit the night before your sessions, all you need to do in the morning is get up and go!

5. Get your pain cave set up

If you are fortunate enough to have space at home for your turbo trainer, get it set up now! Once the bike is on the trainer that is one less hurdle to get over in regards to winter bike improvements! Make the area yours, put some quotes on the wall, posters of your triathlete idols and make the space a dedicated training space THAT YOU WANT TO GO TO.

6. Cross training

Winter is a great time to broaden your horizons to sports training. Trying new sports that will benefit your triathlon performance can only be a good thing. Anything that gets you enthused about sports, movement and strength will be a great thing to compliment your triathlon training.

7. Plan your season, enter some events

Nothing will get your motivation up quite like entering an event, making the season "become real". Having a target will mean you have a goal to plan your training around.

8. Invest in good kit and good coaching.

Having good quality kit that keeps you warm through winter will make those winter miles feel easier and more enjoyable. Investing in a coach will help create the environment where you are accountable to your goals, to your improvements and to the commitments you have made.

9. Weight training and S&C

This is important all year round to make sure you have the chassis to support your training and racing. Whether these sessions are done at a gym with all the latest kit, or at home using purely bodyweight exercises, strength and conditioning sessions are a great way to focus in on your performance growth through the winter. Keep it simple, plan your sessions and feel the benefits when race season comes around!

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