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That feeling when you wake up in the morning that you don't feel like training today...

We can do all we can for our wellbeing, sleep hygiene, nutrition and all things that we know are good for us.

However sometimes we wake up in the morning with a feeling that today, for whatever reason I don't wanna train.

Well what does this actually mean? It is well worth investing time and engagement with your thoughts feelings and emotions when you have this feeling.

Typically when this thought is driven from your head, we can quite easily overcome this. We can all relate to that one session that we didn't want to go to; we went and it proved to be hugely rewarding and benefitting us in ways we weren't expecting given our morning mindset.

However, if you take the time to dial into where this feeling is coming from, you may find it is your body telling you not to train. This could be in the form of deep aching muscles, heightened sense of niggles or returning injuries, headaches, temperature etc. If any of these symptoms become apparent, the most important thing is to listen to your body as training through these could have disatrous effect on your training both short and longterm.

Ultimately, be wise in understanding that a day or two of allowing yourself to rest and recover is far better than ignoring the signs, ploughing through blindly and paying the consequences of illness, injury or burnout, which has a long lasting effect on your overall health and performance.

Ultimately, be more like Helen in the picture above! Listen in to your body and mind, know the difference on where your internal messages stem from and make educated decisions about your training.

If you need a hand, reach out to us here at Tri Swim Coaching, we can absolutely help!

Good luck and enjoy getting to know yourself better!


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