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Gift Cards

Here's a quick glance at our prices for our most popular gifts. You can view our full price list here. Gift any amount that suits your budget.

£65/100 60 mins Pool Coaching (senior/head coach)

£45/90 30/60 mins Open Water Coaching

£150 1:1 Video Analysis Session (75 minutes)

£199 1:1 Video Analysis & Extended Stroke Correction (2 hours)

£60-90 Training Planning Consultation (1-2 hours)

£75 3 Week Open Water Confidence Course

£69 Beginner Triathlon Skills Training Days

£149 6 Week Beginner/Improver Freestyle Course

All sessions include health club/lake entry fees & private lane hire. Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


​Complete the form and pay securely with Paypal or your Credit/Debit card online.


Please pass the Gift Card on and ask the recipient to contact us on to redeem it and book online.

Please contact us for bespoke gift packages, for printable gift vouchers or if you need any more information about choosing the right gift for your loved one.

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