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Personalised Training Plans

You're likely on this page as you are looking for a coach to help you with your approach to training for your goals.  Whether you are training for your first 5km run, sprint triathlon or The Winter Spine Race, our coaching package will undoubtedly get you there.

Head coach Ali has been working with people his whole career and brings his extensive knowledge of triathlon coaching, life coaching and colourful personality to create bespoke coaching plans engineered around each individual and their goals.  Ali has worked with many athletes over the last 10 years plus.  From buddy juniors on the pathway to Pro Licence, beginner triathletes, age groupers to Ironman athletes and adventurers and explorers, helping them prepare for some of the planets most hostile environments.

Plan Consultation

  • This is a one off initial session for us to find out your current training base and get you set up with your training plan 

  • You'll discuss what you feel is holding you back in your training at the moment and your event and training goals

  • We'll create a structured and flexible training plan to fit around your busy daily life and training time available

  • Our plans are achievable and realistic, allowing adequate time to rest and for creating a balance between your work, family and social lives

Training Plan Xhale.png

 Training Plan Features

  • Training cycles of 4 weeks at a time

  • Review after each event

  • Continuous email/phone support and reviewing of your plan to keep it flexible around your family commitments/illness/business trips/holidays

  • Simple user friendly online training app with two-way session feedback

  • Regular adjustments to your training data metrics as your fitness improves over time

  • Training, racing, equipment & nutrition advice 

Testing & Training

  • User-friendly online training diary to prescribe each session and log your performance over time 

  • We offer expert Video Analysis and testing Sessions in swimming, running and cycling to identify exactly what's holding you back

  • We use this data to individualise your specific technique and fitness sessions in your training plan

  • 1:1 face to face sessions in open water, swimming technique, running, cycling & transitions.

  • These all culminate to maximise your performance in your races

Field Hike

Walking Life Coaching 

We can also encompass life coaching into your programme. Ali fuses his specialist knowledge of the outdoors, sport coaching, bushcraft, mental health and wellbeing to create powerful life changes when you need it most.  Rethink your values, rethink the status quo.  No screens, no notes, no chairs, walk and talk to your future.

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