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Open Water Refresher Session £25

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Tune Up Your Skills

Completed our Beginner Open Water Confidence Course in the past or just feeling a bit rusty and in need of a tune up? Or perhaps you've already done a few triathlons and your training didn't translate race results? 


This session will refine your skills and give you the ability to carry on swim training on your own. We teach you some skills for open water swim racing, whether you're just entering as a personal challenge or to compete.  You'll come away feeling ready to continue your good training.

At Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre.

What the Course Includes

  • Tuning up your sighting to swim straight (straighter line = faster time!)

  • Swimming close to others (where permitted)

  • Drafting for free speed

  • Stroke Technique Adaptations for the Open Water 

  • Mass Starts

  • Exhalation and breathing to both sides

  • Pacing to swim continuously

  • Race strategies

  • Open water skills for endurance races such as the Henley Mile, Lock to Lock, Bridge to Bridge etc.

  • Wetsuit hire available email us to pre-book

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These courses routinely sell out so please book early!


Gift spaces are also available, please sign up as the recipient in your email address and email us to send you a gift voucher.


You must be able to swim 100m freestyle/front crawl continuously to complete this course. If you need to improve your stroke technique and endurance please also book into our very popular 6 week Beginner or Improver Freestyle Courses or book a 1:1 session.

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