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Optimising Your Microbiome Health

Saturday 29th February 2020 7.30pm, Steventon Village Hall

A deep dive into the fascinating new science of our microbiome with James Hudson, registered Sport & Exercise Nutritionist.

Our microbiome plays a larger role in our health than we may think, it is not simply the bacteria in our gut that help us digest food. We have bacteria all over our body which evolves with us as we age and is influenced by our lifestyle and dietary habits.
This workshop will not just look at what our bacteria do, but will provide practical advice that you can start working into your life immediately.

In addition to a microbiome friendly dinner, this workshop will cover:

  • What is our microbiome? What do our bacteria do?

  • Are our microbes making us fat?

  • Signs of a disordered microbiome

  • Sugars, Carbs and Sweetener - Implications for Triathletes

  • Secrets for Microbiome Success - Nutritional and Lifestyle

  • Recipe ideas and interactive tasting

Measure your Success

Sometimes the number on the scale is not moving but we are sure something positive is happening! Skinfold analysis can provide that missing link.

James can provide 1:1 full Body Composition Analysis to help you track your progress for personal or athletic motivation.

James is qualified and registered with ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry). 8 skinfold sites and 5 girths will be measured which is the most accurate, affordable way to measure your body fat percentage and muscle mass.


Your data will be explained and discussed with you and together, realistic and achievable goals will be made.

What People Say


 I recently went to a nutrition workshop that James was presenting at. He gave the group so much information and could answer every question put to him. His knowledge in the area is unbelieveable and I walked away knowing what I needed to fuel my body with. Thanks for a great evening James!

James was incredibly helpful when my fiancé and I were training for our marathon. He gave us very good advice about our diets/training regimes in the run up to the event and was always a fantastic motivator when we found the task daunting. Could not recommend him more!

Body Composition service was a great experience and handled very professionally. Highly recommend for anyone to gain some useful insight around their body composition and have a robust method for tracking in future appointments. James had a lot of knowledge that has been great for me to understand how my external lifestyle factors can help optimize my performance in my sport.

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