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The 2024 Passion Project

Have you ever wondered what your ultimate purpose in life is? Over the past few years we've been on our own emotional and spiritual journeys of growth. We are grateful to work in fields that are purposeful and in line with our core values. Our mission in life is to share our professional passions, expert knowledge and personal insight with you.  


This year we are bringing you a series of affordable interactive workshops for the body and mind. We offer free spaces to those who need them, please contact us and we will register you no questions asked. Perhaps you can share your new knowledge and power to someone else who needs it too. Workshops have limited spaces so please don't delay in signing up or contacting us to join. 


Topics vary from fitness training, sports, mental wellbeing & biomechanics. Please check back regularly to see when new topics have been added and join our spam free mailing list to get £10 off and be updated when they're live to book. 

Reconnect With the Outdoors

Saturday 20th April

The Ridgeway 12pm - 3pm

Ali leads a group walk in the outdoors and shares his passion for outdoor wellbeing. He'll cover:

  • The therapeutic benefits of the outdoors

  • Simple ways to integrate more outdoor time into your busy life 

  • How to slow down, take in your environment and reconnect with nature


Nature Walk
annie juliet OW_edited.jpg

Cold Water Immersion

Sunday 21st April 8.30-9.30am

Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre 

Ali shares his passion for outdoor swimming and immersion therapy in this coached open water dip. He'll cover:

  • The benefits of cold water immersion

  • The scientific facts and fibs

  • How to safely acclimatise 

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Q&A session

Posture, Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Saturday 27th April 12-3pm

Steventon Village Hall

A one-off collaborative workshop between Annie & Sam Pitt, an experienced and highly rated local yoga and meditation teacher. The workshop includes:

  • An individual postural assessment so you come away knowing which areas you need to work on

  • Discussion about how yoga helps your general flexibility, balance, posture and/or sporting performance

  • A simple yoga and stretching class suitable for all abilities

  • Postural assistance from Annie during the class

  • A group meditation to help you relax and unwind

  • Q&A session

  • Opportunity to connect with likeminded people and share Annie & Sam's passions!

Yoga Class
Listening to Music

Sleep, Rest & Recovery

Wednesday 8th May 7-9pm

The Crown and Thistle pub, Abingdon


In May's edition of the Tri Swim Coaching team passion project, we will be diving into the subject of sleep, rest and recovery.  This will be an interactive discussion based workshop covering, among lots of other things, the following topics:

  • Sleep personality

  • Quality vs quantity

  • Sleep cycles

  • A good day for a good night’s sleep

  • Toolkit for sleep stress

  • Good habits

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