Wetsuit Hire / Try Before You Buy

We are happy to announce that as an added extra to our clients, we can offer:

  • FREE Try Before You Buy on top quality Zone 3 wetsuits 

  • Weekly or by the session hire

Please don't go out and buy a cheap thin wetsuit! The water temperature will be brisk early season and you will need a minimum of 3mm and potentially other neoprene accessories to keep you warm while you swim. As well as wetsuits we also have a limited amount of neoprene booties, hats and gloves available for hire, please ask when enquiring!

Rental Options

To complete a wetsuit hire, please email us with your height and weight so we can confirm your size is still available and then use the below links to book. 

Hire Terms & Conditions

Before making payment, please read and check you agree to our Hire Terms and Conditions.


Payment This membership bills as a one off or every week. The first payment is due on the date you take out the hire, which will then be amended on our system to the actual handover date manually to line up with hire date and subsequent weekly payments once the wetsuit is in your possession. Your payment details will be securely stored on our online booking system for the duration of the membership and deleted accordingly in due course.


Hire Period This starts from day you make payment for the wetsuit. You will continue to be billed weekly until the wetsuit is returned or you decide to purchase it to keep.


Collection/Returns You may collect/return the wetsuit from/to us at our next lake coaching session (usually Monday evening and Wednesday & Sunday mornings). Please email info@triswimcoaching.com to arrange a mutually convenient time. 


Wetsuit Deposit We don't take a deposit from you in good faith that it will be returned in good condition. Thank you in advance for taking good care of it. Please read the advice below on this!

Wetsuit Damage & Return If you are returning the wetsuit, firstly check it carefully for any damage such as cuts in the neoprene (common) or seam rips (rare). These will devalue the resale value of a used wetsuit considerably. If it is damaged such that we cannot economically repair or resell you will be kindly asked to purchase the wetsuit for the RRP minus your hire fee already paid. We think this is very reasonable compared to other wetsuit hire sites charging structures!


Wetsuit Care Wetsuits need to be handled gently especially when putting on for the first time. Please cut long nails off before handling or wear cotton gloves! Neoprene is very fragile to nail nicks! The general message is put it on slowly and dry. The wetsuits will feel very tight the first time - this is good, and will mean the wetsuit will provide a snug fit in the water and water won't slosh about in it!


Wetsuit Purchase All of our rental wetsuits are available to purchase at any time for the RRP minus 50% of what you've already paid in hire. We think this is a very good deal compared to other wetsuit hire sites!!


Thank you for reading, understanding and agreeing to our Ts and Cs.

Private Coaching Also Available
Please note Annie is expecting another baby in early June, so will only be available for 1:1s until the baby arrives! Limited space left in May, please book now!

1:1 or private group sessions can be a great way to improve your speed in a short space of time. Often your swim fitness is there but it's not translating into fast Open Water swim times. This can be for a number of reasons; poor technique, slow arm turnover, over kicking, not sighting frequently enough and bad pacing. Annie will identify what's holding you back and fix it for good. Over the years she's helped hundreds of swimmers improve their times and reach PBs. Suitable for juniors and adults.


Click below to contact Annie about private open water coaching sessions. 

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