Free Try Before You Buy / Wetsuit Hire 

We are happy to announce that as an added extra to our clients, we can offer:

Please don't go out and buy a cheap thin wetsuit! The water temperature will be brisk early season and you will need a minimum of 3mm and potentially other neoprene accessories e.g. booties, hat and gloves to keep you warm while you swim. 


Private Coaching Also Available

1:1 or private group sessions can be a great way to improve your speed in a short space of time. Often your swim fitness is there but it's not translating into fast Open Water swim times. This can be for a number of reasons; poor technique, slow arm turnover, over kicking, not sighting frequently enough and bad pacing. Annie will identify what's holding you back and fix it for good. Over the years she's helped hundreds of swimmers improve their times and reach PBs. Suitable for juniors and adults.

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