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Virtual Swimming & Triathlon Squads

Have your training plans been interrupted by Coronovirus and don't want it all to go to waste? Are you socially distancing or self isolating and want to keep up a regular training routine to maintain your fitness and mental health?


We've launched two new TSC Virtual Swimming or Triathlon Squads.  These are perfect for when your usual group classes or squads are cancelled and you still want to follow our top quality training sessions from your own home and can be followed together with our online community or independently. Whatever happens in the coming months, these will be adapted to current guidelines and facility availability.


As specialists in triathlon and swimming training we have worked with thousands of swimmers & triathletes for well over a decade, from first timers wanting to become fitter to age groupers who want to podium. We consider whole athlete: physical, mental, lifestyle factors and can help with your nutrition. We offer a free video calls to our Head Coach to help you modify things for your personal goals, keep on track and stay motivated. We also offer Personalised Training Plans which are designed completely bespoke to your individual goals this season, training time, facilities and equipment available.

Flexible Online Training Plans

Friendly Community Facebook Group

FREE online Drill Videos

Indoor & Outdoor Sessions

FREE Video Training Chats with your Coach

Complete While Socially Distancing or Self Isolating 

Pay Monthly No Contract

Keep your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Virtual Swimming Squad

3 Unique Swimming Sessions Every Week

PLUS 1 x Video Coached Home Fitness Session 


Suitable for anyone who can already comfortably swim 100-200m freestyle/front crawl. Also helpful for triathletes and open water swimmers needing structured swim sessions.


A variety of sessions are included, helping you to improve your freestyle/front crawl stroke technique and boost your fitness for endurance swimming, so you can swim faster over longer distances. Top quality pool and open water swimming sessions in line with UK seasons and guidelines.

6 Training Sessions Per Week: 2 x Swim, 2 x Bike & 2 x Run

PLUS 1 x Video Coached Home Fitness Session 


Maintain your regular training routine from your own home, with this excellent value triathlon training plan including:

  • A range of technique and fitness swimming sessions for the pool and open water during the season

  • Both road and indoor trainer/turbo bike sessions for you to rotate through

  • Interval and endurance boosting running sessions

  • 30-60 minute sessions based on an average fitness

Virtual Triathlon Squad

What People Say


"I turned up to Tri Swim Coaching a complete swimming newbie. Although I could stay afloat in the water, I couldn't manage swimming more than 4 lengths without having to stop to catch my breath. This year I swam my first 10km event in open water.


Ali and Annie don't yell incomprehensible instructions from poolside. Instead, what you get is clear guidance and plenty of contagious enthusiasm. It was their passion for swimming and my improvements that spurred me on. Initially I booked 1-2-1 coaching sessions, but as I grew in confidence and ability, I joined their squads. If you are thinking "Are these guys any good? Do they know their stuff?" Absolutely. Get in touch and book a session. You will not regret it."

I signed up for the Tuesday evening session at Abingdon School just a couple of weeks before the Bleinheim Triathlon to try and get a few tips to help with the swim. I thought I’d left it far too late but PJ was amazing and helped me with breathing and technique. I managed to knock 90 seconds off my swim and an overall 6 1/2 minutes off all three disciplines due to the energy I saved on the swim. Thanks so much.

"Five star rating to the Team at Tri Swim Coaching without any hesitation!! I have been working with Ali & Annie since 2015 and have benefited from their expertise in all aspects of the sport of triathlon. The bespoke training plans developed for me together with the group squads have produced significant improvements in each of the three disciplines . I have seen my individual CSS pace improve from a start point of 1:50 / 100m at my first video analysis, to a peak of 1:33/100m during this year's race season. A great team!!!"


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