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1:1 Open Water Swimming Coaching

Swim Faster & More efficiently

Our personal open water sessions will help you feel more confident. You'll learn how to sight properly and swim in a straight line. You'll improve your technique while your coach paddles next to you in a kayak.


You'll be taught how to prevent zig zagging in your races, which can sometimes add 10-20% to your total swimming distance!


Suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced swimmers looking for the edge over your competitors. 

Sessions Include

  • Open water swimming technique 

  • Swimming straight

  • Controlling breathing

  • Managing phobias

  • Pacing over long distances

  • Stroke adaptations for wetsuit swimming 

  • Confidence swimming close to other people

  • Race tactics

  • Training tips

Sessions are held at the Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre (Queenford Lakes) in Oxford

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