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Perhaps you're a newcomer to triathlon looking for a great regular swim class, or you might be just getting back into swimming after a long break. Our squad is open to everyone, no matter what your swimming background or experience. Our friendly style and modern scientific coaching methods will make you swim more comfortably and efficiently with great technique. We help you swim much faster and learn to love not loathe swimming! We're not like other swimming clubs, we have positive vibes between all members and you'll feel welcomed from the outset. We're a friendly bunch but we know joining a squad can be a little daunting at first. Come and try it out for FREE to find out why it's so popular!

Tuesday Technique 

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Coaching to help you tune up your freestyle stroke faults, enabling you to swim distance freestyle more efficiently. This is suitable for intermediate swimmers and triathletes. You might like to attend our highly rated Improver Course for a tune up first.


Each swimmer is given a suitable swimming volume for your ability so no-one ever feels like they can't keep up or they're not being challenged. Your fitness will improve as you start becoming capable of swimming further for longer much more easily.

Thursday Fitness

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It's very easy to just focus on technique and get used to swimming at an easy pace, but you're guaranteed to improve your endurance swimming and race performances with regular swimming specific fitness training.

Build your unique threshold speed and cardio vascular/respiratory fitness so you can start pushing yourself that bit harder in the water.


All swimmers can benefit immensely from this type of session.

By making a booking online you agree by our terms of use and refunds and cancellations policy

What people say

"Last year, after 6 years of taking part in triathlons and always struggling in the swim even though I love swimming, I decided to take some lessons. I was nervous about joining the Development Squad at the lake, but needn't have been - a very friendly and inclusive bunch of people and Ali making sure that the session is adapted to individual needs and abilities. I learned lots more about efficient sighting, drafting, swimming in a crowd and eventually going faster. The training has transformed my swim experience from a zigzagging, gasping for breath ordeal into a focused confident start to my triathlons. I've got PBs and won my age-group category in both the triathlons I've done this year (and hoping for another next week). Going back for more next year."

"I turned up to Tri Swim Coaching a complete swimming newbie. Although I could stay afloat in the water, I couldn't manage swimming more than 4 lengths without having to stop to catch my breath. This year I swam my first 10km event in open water. Ali and Annie don't yell incomprehensible instructions from poolside. Instead, what you get is clear guidance and plenty of contagious enthusiasm. It was their passion for swimming and my improvements that spurred me on. Initially I booked 1-2-1 coaching sessions, but as I grew in confidence and ability, I joined their squads. If you are thinking "Are these guys any good? Do they know their stuff?" Absolutely. Get in touch and book a session. You will not regret it."

Five star rating to the Team at Tri Swim Coaching without any hesitation !! I have been working with Ali & Annie since 2015 and have benefited from their expertise in all aspects of the sport of triathlon. The bespoke training plans developed for me together with the group squads have produced significant improvements in each of the three disciplines . I have seen my individual CSS pace improve from a start point of 1:50 / 100m at my first video analysis, to a peak of 1:33/100m during this year's race season. In addition, I have gone from completing a half marathon in 1 hr 56 mins to now running a 1hr 36 min PB . Together with the advise on nutrition , conditioning , mental focus and tech has enabled me to put it all together and obtain in my second year of triathlon a PB in a 70.3 event of 4hr 53 mins. A great team !!! 

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