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Breathing & Exhalation Masterclass £60 for 3 Sessions

Perhaps you're returning to swimming as an adult or you're a beginner triathlete looking to improve. This is a specialist 3 week course to help you master exhalation and bilateral breathing in freestyle. Learn to be confident putting your face in the water and how to exhale fully between breaths in, so that each inhalation is a nice full fresh breath of air, preventing the need to stop to 'catch your breath'. You'll dramatically improve your relaxation and ability to sustain continuous freestyle and won't look back! Get your breathing right and you'll be able to swim much more comfortably and faster for less effort. 


Holding your breath stores CO2 and makes you feel like you need to stop after 50-100m. Learn to exhale smootly and start swimming aerobically, making swimming feel much more relaxed.

Breathing to both sides dramatically improves your stroke symmetry and efficiency. It also enables you to exhale for longer, reducing the CO2 level in your blood. 

Breathe to both sides
Bow Wave

Keeping your head down low while breathing creates a bow wave. This has a handy trough of air behind just beneath the water level. Having your head lower keeps your body position more streamlined.

Better Endurance

Improve your exhalation, bilateral breathing and head position and enable your body to swim for longer distances without the need to keep stopping.

Course Dates

Wednesdays 19th & 26th September and 3rd October 2018 

3 Spaces


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