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1:1 & Small Group Coaching

Whatever your level and experience, our friendly style and modern scientific coaching methods will make you swim, bike and run more comfortably and efficiently with great technique. We have various types of coaching available to suit your time and budget.  

 Swimming Coaching

Swimming Video Analysis

The single most useful session to progress your swimming technique, speed and efficiency, whatever your start level.


See your stroke in HD underwater and have your stroke faults identified and corrected for much more efficient, powerful stroke.

Video analysis angles.png

1:1 & Small Group Swim Coaching

If you prefer your training to be personalised to your individual technique and fitness needs then we're here to help!

Triathlon Training Plans

Training Plans

Feeling demotivated? Need to schedule your training smarter to fit around your other commitments? Want to improve your race results? Then you might suit us helping you plan your training.

Training Plan Xhale.png

Life Coaching

Walking Life Coaching 

Ali fuses his specialist knowledge of the outdoors, sport coaching, bushcraft, mental health and wellbeing to create powerful life changes when you need it most.  Rethink your values, rethink the status quo.  No screens, no notes, no chairs, walk and talk to your future.

Field Hike
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